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John Butler

Managing Director – APAC and GCC

Sectors we work in
High-Tech industrial

The demands of the high-tech industrial sector continue to evolve and broaden, against the backdrop of increasingly complex requirements to deliver the most advanced technology available. World-class facilities need to be equipped with effective solutions to adapt and scale in line with these increasing demands within considerably shorter timescales. The Linesight team is continually challenging itself to find new ways of implementing flexible and fast-tracked planning, strategy, and cost-reduction processes to ensure projects are delivered on time and under budget. No matter how complex, we are determined to offer unparalleled support and expertise across a range of core service offering areas to our valued clients, to ensure they can complete their business objectives.

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Commercial Development

As more businesses demand innovative, high-quality office environments, commercial development has become increasingly competitive. There is pressure on developers to deliver high-value properties for clients, while also maximizing their own returns. We can help you find this balance with detailed strategy and disciplined research.

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Life Sciences

The pandemic has thrown the importance of life sciences into sharp focus, with the sector working tirelessly to deliver facilities that enabled the rapid roll-out of global vaccine programmes, in addition to continuing to develop and manufacture life-saving drugs, everyday medicines and various therapies. Against this increasingly demanding backdrop, businesses in the life sciences sector are looking to their partners to be innovative, to deliver flexibility and quality, and to bring more predictability of outcomes (cost and time) to projects. Our highly experienced team can help you to optimize your life sciences development by benchmarking against world-leading industry standards, offering key insights into current trends and the sectoral outlook, and providing cost and schedule intelligence for various projects or programme types.

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Student Accommodation

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Commercial Fit-out and Corporate Interiors

Forward-thinking companies realize that employee satisfaction leads to productivity increases, so today’s offices need to adapt to meet a variety of working methods and practices. Our expert, personalized research can help you to make the right decisions and create an environment that meets the needs of both individuals and teams.

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Modern healthcare environments need to deliver the highest level of efficiency, while also meeting the needs of patients, their families, and hospital staff. As well as practical design concerns, facilities must also be able to adapt to future changes in medical technology.

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Food and Beverage

Food and beverage production is a competitive industry – consistent quality is a must, and there are tightly regulated standards to adhere to. For producers to succeed, they must recognize the critical factors that go into creating a sustainable working environment.

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The energy sector is in flux, as it is in the midst of a transformation towards a lower environmental impact, while continuing to meet changing consumer expectations. By 2050, more than 70% of electricity is forecast to come from renewable sources in the global drive to reduce carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels. In fact, in 2021, the renewable energy sector is expected to become the largest area of energy spending in 2021, surpassing upstream oil and gas for the first time in history. Linesight leans on our experience from the data center, high-tech industrial and life sciences sectors to bring Project Controls expertise to bear on wind, solar and green hydrogen projects. Our expert team offers clients a holistic approach, bringing skilled cost, schedule, risk and procurement management to bear on very large-scale renewable programs of work worldwide.

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Transportation and Infrastructure

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Data Centers

As cloud technology continues to grow, the proliferation of artificial intelligence and machine learning is seen and the COVID-induced digital demands remain, there is increased pressure on businesses to distribute more information and continuously improve uptime without a disruption to service. Because of this, data centers now need to be designed in a way that can maximize their capacity, while retaining enough adaptability to expand as the cloud gets bigger, as well as keeping a watchful eye on sustainability and efficiency.

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State-of-the-art facilities can enhance educational experiences through detailed design and innovative environments. With new regulation standards and changes to learning methods, places of education need to be meticulously designed in order to succeed.

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Our Services

Our construction planning and scheduling services help you efficiently manage complex project schedules. Get in touch with us for a detailed project plan.

Delivering project success globally through strategic planning and stringent controls, under the watchful eye of our experienced project management professionals. Learn more about our project management services

Linesight offers expert-led construction procurement services that help clients with a transparent and fair tendering process. Contact our procurement consultants.

Linesight's global consultancy team provides professional, hands-on advice and guidance throughout all stages of construction projects. Find out more about our consultancy services.

Project cost management services in construction. Our team of cost managers deliver cost predictability and value for money for all construction projects.

Our project controls services help keep your construction projects within budget and schedule. By maintaining stringent controls, we can deliver the best results.

Our construction health and safety consultants deliver the highest level of safety in construction projects. Get in touch with an experienced safety advisor.

Program management in construction helps you effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously for the best results. We offer program management services to global clients.

Our embodied carbon accountancy (ECA) service enables us to assist clients evaluate the embodied carbon footprint of projects from the outset between strategic definition of an asset to its end of life stage.

Linesight delivers effective supply chain management services to clients globally. Streamline the delivery of equipment and optimisation of the supply chain in construction.

Latest News

8th July 2024

Linesight promotes Scott Halyday to Regional Director for Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia remains a strategic growth region for Linesight as global businesses seek opportunities to establish and expand their operations.

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