Confidential client

A major portfolio expansion, renovation and modification project spanning six regions.

The client sought to upgrade its portfolio across multiple US and global locations as part of this project. Linesight has considerable sector expertise, and was engaged to provide Cost and Project Management services. 

Our involvement

The Linesight team is managing multiple project teams, consultants and internal stakeholders, with a key client concern being this group working across all regions while achieving consistency and clarity. Linesight established a centralized single point of truth for all projects, utilizing SharePoint and designated a central project management office (PMO). This extensive database hub of information is constantly updated and live data input is used to generate a range of management reports, delivering clear and consistent reporting across all live projects.


Latest News

18th January 2023

Life Sciences roundtable report: How to turbo-charge construction in the Life Sciences sector

As the life sciences sector continues to expand and innovate, Linesight brought together representatives from life sciences manufacturing and real estate for a closed roundtable event.

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