Program Management


Managing a network of projects simultaneously in order to deliver program success.

When organizations need to deliver a network of simultaneous and or connected projects, a carefully thought-out and systematic approach is essential. By looking at the program of work in its wider context and implementing sound management methods aimed at optimizing all stages of development, from design through to operations, we effectively manage the risks involved in such large undertakings.

Our teams have delivered program success for some of the biggest clients in the world, helping them expand their business into new territories, while always retaining operational consistency.


  • Contract and Procurement Strategies

    Identifying the most appropriate procurement and contracting strategies to minimize risk to time, cost, and quality.

  • Brief Development

    Defining a coherent brief with a clear plan of action, detailing functionality, business case, strategy, and financial resources.

  • Business Solutions

    Identifying issues and delivering strategic solutions that benefit our clients' businesses.

  • Cost Control

    Implementing controls on cost planning, estimating, tendering, and post contract, for a positive impact on project delivery.

  • Development Management

    Establishing frameworks for all aspects of project delivery – from governance procedure to reporting to clients and funders.

  • Due Diligence

    Comprehensive appraisal of procurement and supply chain management policies and procedures to ensure consistency and industry compliance throughout.

  • Innovation

    Using our global reach to keep up-to-date with construction sector innovations, adopting and adapting new ideas to benefit clients locally.

  • Market Intelligence and Benchmarking

    Using our global market intelligence and benchmarking data to provide strategic advice and drive the best value for goods and services.

  • Masterplan Development

    Developing flexible frameworks for a specific asset; allowing for the client's business planning, infrastructural requirements, and local statutory obligations.

  • Program and Portfolio Management

    Delivering a network of connected projects by looking at every stage in a wider context and resolving diverse challenges with a systematic approach.

  • Risk Management

    Preparing against certain risks and evaluating the possible impact they may have on a project in terms of financial or schedule over-runs.

  • Schedule Management

    Providing an initial project overview timeline, developing a detailed work breakdown structure, and identifying schedule controls.

  • Site Selection

    Assessing potential sites by looking at costs, transport links, planning and statutory requirements, and potential risks in line with the requirements of the project brief.

  • Strategic Asset Management

    Delivering improvements to existing asset usage by reviewing business processes and identifying opportunities for performance enhancement.

  • Strategic Planning

    Developing a strategic plan in line with client requirements – appointing professional advisers, identifying procurement solutions and undertaking development due diligence.

  • Value Engineering

    Engaging a systematic approach to improve the commercial or functional value of goods and services without compromising on quality or design.