Project Management


Our construction Project Management teams deliver project success through strategic planning and stringent controls.

As your project management consultant, we recognize that all projects share one thing in common; they all require a highly-detailed, carefully thought-through and well-executed project plan. However, no two developments are ever the same and every project has unique business objectives, as well as diverse client and investor interests.

Construction project management must go beyond a very strong technical understanding of the facilities being delivered, and the project management consultant should also have a firm grasp of the local environment and business context in which the client is operating.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail in all aspects of our construction project management services. Working as your dedicated project management consultant, our team manage quality control, reduce risks and deliver successful projects safely, on time and on budget. By focusing on the smallest details, we can imagine and deliver the most complex of projects.


  • Brief Development

    Defining a coherent brief with a clear plan of action, detailing functionality, business case, strategy, and financial resources.

  • Site Selection

    Assessing potential sites by looking at costs, transport links, planning and statutory requirements, and potential risks in line with the requirements of the project brief.

  • Due Diligence

    Comprehensive appraisal of procurement and supply chain management policies and procedures to ensure consistency and industry compliance throughout.

  • Strategic Planning

    Developing a strategic plan in line with client requirements – appointing professional advisers, identifying procurement solutions and undertaking development due diligence.

  • Design Management

    Establishing excellent communication with the design team to encourage collaborative teamwork and successful project delivery.

  • Risk Management

    Preparing against certain risks and evaluating the possible impact they may have on a project in terms of financial or schedule over-runs.

  • Value Engineering

    Engaging a systematic approach to improve the commercial or functional value of goods and services without compromising on quality or design.

  • Schedule Management

    Providing an initial project overview timeline, developing a detailed work breakdown structure, and identifying schedule controls.

  • Development Management

    Establishing frameworks for all aspects of project delivery – from governance procedure to reporting to clients and funders.

  • Employer’s Agent/Owner's Representative

    Acting on behalf of the client to provide professional services, including contract administration and project management.

  • Contract and Procurement Strategies

    Identifying the most appropriate procurement and contracting strategies to minimize risk to time, cost, and quality.

  • Advice on Contract Procedures

    Effective contract analysis that ensures compliance with specification, value for money, managed risks, and client satisfaction.

  • Contract Administration

    Administering contracts to ensure that all key stakeholders are in compliance with requirements.

  • Change Management

    Implementing change management procedures that ensure well-informed decisions, facilitating effective financial management.