Supply Chain Management


Delivering efficient logistic strategies which streamline the delivery of equipment and services.

The development and success of a business is in the ability to get the most from its supply chain. As businesses grow, successful supplier relationship management and strategic sourcing solutions become essential in improving performance, addressing risk, and ensuring a return on investment. 

The appointment of a specialist team can bring innovative relationship management skills and advance all aspects of sustainable sourcing. This structured approach to supplier relationship management, through communication platforms and key performance indicators will ultimately deliver maximum project success.


  • Procurement Process Transformation

    Assessing the effectiveness and maturity of an organisations procurement process and systems against best-in-class standards.

  • Supplier Identification and Prequalification

    Assessing the supplier database to identify partnership opportunities for supply chain activities.

  • Strategic Sourcing Solutions

    Enhancing an organization's supply base by strategically improving procurement and supply chain activities.

  • Market Intelligence and Benchmarking

    Using our global market intelligence and benchmarking data to provide strategic advice and drive the best value for goods and services.

  • Spend Management Solutions

    Designing solutions to help organizations control and optimize their direct and indirect spends on goods and services.

  • Bid Management

    Managing the best outcome for an organization through every stage of the bidding process.

  • Bid Levelling

    Appraising multiple tenders by identifying their similarities and differences and evaluating them accordingly.

  • Value Engineering

    Engaging a systematic approach to improve the commercial or functional value of goods and services without compromising on quality or design.

  • Category Management

    Developing a sophisticated category management solution to provide a strategic approach and commercial benefits of organisational spend.

  • Supplier Relationship Management

    Directly managing suppliers to ensure collaborative relationships that will benefit all supply chain activities.

  • Due Diligence

    Comprehensive appraisal of procurement and supply chain management policies and procedures to ensure consistency and industry compliance throughout.