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Targeted Investment Opportunities (Airbnb HQ)


Targeted Investment Opportunities (Airbnb HQ)

A fast-tracked European HQ for rapid expansion

By October 2014 Airbnb had already commanded a sizeable percentage of the global hospitality sector. As they continued their expansion into Europe and beyond, Airbnb saw Dublin as an ideal location for their European headquarters. The development at 8 Hanover Quay, involved converting a 19th century warehouse with a listed façade into a state-of-the-art office space fit for a major digital brand. Airbnb set an aggressive completion date of February 2016, which meant that a project that would typically necessitate an 18 month program of work would need to be delivered in a 12 month period. Linesight’s considerable expertise in delivering high quality fast-track programs, and particular expertise in the Dockland area, led to our appointment in the early stages.

Early decisions saved time

Linesight provided project management feasibility to handover, which included management of all of the key stakeholders. The team faced a tough challenge to have the project finished by completion date, so the program was intensively reviewed for an early entry of the fit-out works into the overall program. We secured general principle agreement in less than a month (normally takes three to four months), which in turn allowed construction to commence on time at the start of January 2015.

Managing multiple stakeholders

  • When the building was sold halfway through construction, our team had to seamlessly integrate new stakeholders with additional deliverables into the project, while still harmonising the requirements of existing stakeholders

  • 'How can we facilitate solving problems?' was the Linesight attitude - we worked closely with the contractor, to replace traditional oversight with practical engagement and constructive collaboration

Managing new regulations

  • The new Building Control Amendment Regulations 2014 (BCAR) in Ireland meant that there were numerous interdependent sign-offs required between shell and core and fit-out programs

  • Meticulous attention to detail was needed to ensure all signatures and certifications were completed to comply with the new regulations - we advised and assisted all of the stakeholders, and liaised between the design team and contractor to mitigate against any potential project delays

3,570 sq.m. €20m