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Recovering from a natural disaster

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Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Executive Vice President – Americas

286 Madison Avenue Suite 602 New York, NY 10017 USA

+1 646 802 9900

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In May 2016, the Houston campus of a major multinational organization (approx. 1,000,000 sq.ft.) was severely affected by one of the worst flooding disasters in Texas within the last century. It was crucial that the millions of dollars of damage were rectified in a timely manner, as there have been severe knock-on effects in terms of manufacturing downtime and the displacement of some 9,000 employees across the campus. Given our team’s considerable experience in such projects, and a reputation for efficient delivery of fast-tracked projects, our client appointed Linesight to provide full cost management services.

Fast-tracking remediation

Linesight is providing full cost management services for the remediation of the entire campus. Effectively, the team is acting as third party representatives to aid in the recovery from damages caused by the flooding. Services include cost estimating, negotiations with the insurance’s cost management team, invoice auditing, project controls, procurement including tender evaluation, processing of payments, and cost reporting. Time is of the essence with these works, and we have been working to fast-track the delivery of this program, without compromising on quality.

Working with the insurers

Given the unique circumstances, the insurance company has played a fundamental role in this project:

  • We had to devise a strategy which would combine the broad cost centers damaged by the event, in a way that was presentable for agreement by the insurance providers
  • Timing to agree funding with the insurance has been imperative to date in order to maximize the efficiency of current operations and get back to regular processes as a matter of priority 


1m sq.ft

Approx. size

Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Executive Vice President – Americas

286 Madison Avenue Suite 602 New York, NY 10017 USA

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