W Hotel / Alef Residences


W Hotel / Alef Residences

Managing costs vital for integrated luxury lifestyle development

Located on Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, the W Hotel and Alef Residences is set to be one of the region’s most sought after luxury addresses once it reaches completion in 2018.

As a joint venture between Qatar’s Al Mana Global and Saudi Arabia’s Al Sharq Investment Group, the Alef Residences development consists of 104 homes that measure from 445 sq.m. to 1,400 sq.m. and are priced in the range of €3.3m to €12m. Each of the Alef Apartments will be serviced by the world-renowned five-star W Hotel, which is also under construction and due for completion in 2018. The prestigious W Hotel will include a clubhouse, a number of swimming pools, beautiful landscaped gardens, concierge services, a state-of-the-art security system, and associated back of house areas. Residents at Alef can enjoy all of these facilities along with several restaurants and cafés, laundry and maid services, and even event planning services.

The Linesight team has brought an exceptional level of professionalism to the project, anticipating and solving challenges before they arise. From pre-construction cost estimates through concept design and on to tender Linesight has provided comprehensive advice and in-depth knowledge which greatly helps the wider project team. We look forward to completing the project with Linesight’s assistance in 2018

Size redefining luxury

Undoubtedly, the Alef Residences and W Hotel are each a project of sizeable magnitude, and projects of such scale require impeccable attention to detail and uncompromized dedication. Delivering a higher state of luxury in a city where prestige is the norm necessitates world class management of resources and logistics. As styles and trends change over time, ensuring these frequent amendments are met within budget and parameters is of critical importance.

Full-service offering

Since the official commissioning as service partners at the concept stage in 2011 for both the hotel and apartments, Linesight will be providing the entire spectrum of pre- and post- contract services including initial cost advice and feasibility studies.

During the initial phase, we transitioned the client from pre-construction cost estimates through concept design and all the way on to tender. Advice on procurement strategies, as well as contract procedures guidance, was central to our service offering. Ongoing cost control during construction including change management forms an integral element of the project.  

Fulfilling client expectations

A high level of client interaction is required to ensure time, cost, and quality are being prioritized in line with the client expectations. This process involves detailed understanding and constant review of the client’s requirements and expectations, which we achieve through the secondment of six Linesight Cost Managers to the client site office while providing additional support from our head office.

Additionally, a robust change management protocol has been implemented to manage expectations and forecast eventualities. We have also introduced a comprehensive set of contract documentation and project procedures that help us clearly allocate risks and responsibilities. And in order to maintain strong client engagement, we have initiated scheduled team reviews that ensure effective team dynamics.

In order to maximize the return on investment, we have implemented value engineering at all stages of design, which will be ongoing throughout the construction phase. This incentive was introduced to encourage the contractor to participate effectively post contract.

Various alternative procurement strategies were also implemented to achieve the client’s objectives, including client direct procurement as well as nominated subcontracts. We maintained a rigorous assessment of contractor’s claims to maximise value and maintain budgets, and also pursued strategic negotiation of provisional sum values with the contractor to ensure maximum value for the client.

Project specifics  

The Alef Residences and five star W Hotel is spread across three buildings, covers 200,000 sq.m., and is scheduled for completion by 2018. The apartments will be marketed towards a niche segment of end users who desire an exceptional amount of space in an apartment as compared to a villa.

104 new homes
200,000 sq.m. Confidential