Team Stories

John O’Sullivan, Associate Director

When did you join Linesight?

Following graduation from Trinity with a Bachelors degree in Engineering and Mathematics, I worked in Namibia for two years on remote civil engineering projects before returning to Ireland. Since then I have worked in Russia and CIS, South America while also returning to Africa for a number of years.

It was while in America that I crossed paths with senior members of Linesight and having known a number of people who worked for the organization over the years, I had no hesitation in accepting an offer to return to Africa as part of Linesight.

I spent two further years in Africa with Linesight before the opportunity arose to return to the company HQ in 2015.

What sort of projects do you work on?

While in Africa I had the opportunity to travel extensively and was involved in commercial office developments and fit-outs, residential projects as well as infrastructural and industrial projects.

Since returning to Ireland the variety of projects has remained a positive feature of working with such a well-established organization, however the focus has mainly been on commercial and residential developments. I am currently dedicated full-time to the Boland’s Quay project, which is one of the largest private developments underway in Ireland.

What sort of opportunities does Linesight offer?

The ongoing expansion of Linesight and increased levels of staff ensures a high potential for progression within the organization. There is also the attraction of existing opportunities overseas – should the travel bug bite again.

How is Linesight different from other cost management firms?

There is a sense that the employees are playing a part in the future of the company.

Senior management also are open to opinions and ideas from staff and encourage input and participation in strategic planning for the firm.

The reputation and standing within the industry is admirable and the degree to which this is protected and developed is a credit to all. This is particularly evident in the investment in technology and the strategic employment of individuals from other disciplines within the industry for example engineering and finance.