Team Stories

Peter McHale, Chairman, Ireland

When did you start working for Linesight?

I started working for Linesight in 1987, as a Senior Cost Manager. Initially I was contracted to oversee a new pharmaceutical manufacturing facility, but loved the buzz and atmosphere in Linesight and nearly 30 years later I’m still here and still enjoying it. We were a small but ambitious practice in those days and there was great camaraderie and excitement as we all worked together to grow the practise to what it has become today.

Linesight at an early stage in its development recognized the importance of the delivery of accurate and relevant information to our clients in line with their program requirements and in particular the importance of hitting key milestone dates. I have seen the company grow quite dramatically over those 30 years, as we developed specialized services, and invested in technology and our people, but the team spirit and camaraderie which I first experienced on initially joining Linesight is still very much a core value of the organization and one which we constantly encourage and develop.

What’s it like working for Linesight?

We’ve managed to keep it personal in a large organization. The structure is team-based and everyone has daily access to a director. This is very important to us and is central to our business philosophy.

We are very fortunate to have a wide variety and mix of projects, so the experience to be gained in working in Linesight is excellent. We place a strong emphasis on the recruitment and the training of our young grads, who are the future of both our profession and of Linesight. We ensure they are exposed to the right mix of experience and that they are encouraged to become active team players from the first day they join Linesight. We also actively encourage and support them in pursuing their further studies and completing their professional exams.

Usually there are several Linesight graduates, at any one time, sitting their external professional assessments and this encourages a very positive atmosphere of collaboration, knowledge sharing and teamwork which is further supported by both our own in-house training programs and our external expert training supports.

There’s always been a strong emphasis on delivery in Linesight. Whilst working to demanding deadlines can be a challenge it also creates a real atmosphere around teamwork and ultimately the satisfaction of seeing a quality service being delivered on time. In this regard Linesight has been fortunate to have worked on some of the largest and most challenging projects undertaken in this country and to have contributed to the effective delivery of same. For example, our healthcare team recently completed the bills of quantities and associated tender documents for the proposed new Children’s Hospital. This required dedicated teamwork and support from many different departments and specialist divisions in Linesight, who all worked seamlessly and in a collaborative manner to deliver on key milestone dates, for this hugely important and challenging project.

What sort of opportunities does Linesight offer?

We actively encourage all our staff to challenge themselves and to maximise their opportunities to progress and develop. All of our staff are encouraged to attend meetings and build relationships with other members of the design team and with our clients. It helps them understand their job in a wider context. It’s all about ‘hands-on’ experience.

For someone joining Linesight who is ambitious and wants to progress the structures are in place to allow them to succeed. We place value on strong interpersonal skills as well as a nuanced understanding of the bigger picture.

We like to keep moving forward. We’re constantly looking at ways to innovate, whether it’s with the latest software or tech initiatives. We recognize that we are delivering our service in a constantly evolving and demanding environment and that if we are to remain at the forefront of our industry we must constantly invest in our people and the technologies they use to deliver our service.