Team Stories

Su Zen Kong, Cost Manager

When did you join Linesight?

I’m from Malaysia, where I was studying quantity surveying in college. As part of our third year we had to secure a six month internship with a cost consultancy firm. I made a video outlining my skills and why I would make a good cost manager. I wanted to try working in Europe so sent the video to a number of firms and luckily Linesight was one of them.

In 2014 they flew me over to Ireland for my internship. Because of visa restrictions I was only allowed remain in Ireland for 3 months so the company organized for me to complete my internship in the Singapore office.

My internship was a great experience and I really enjoyed working in both Ireland and Singapore. When I was leaving they said to get back in touch when I had graduated. So once I gained my degree, Linesight organized a work permit for me and I’ve been working full time since April 2016 here in Dublin.

What sort of projects are you working on?

I’m busy working on a project for the Irish electricity service provider (ESB) at the moment. I’m also involved with demolition and refurbishment projects.

What do you like about working for Linesight?

It’s a different culture here; you have the opportunity to work on varied projects that are different from South East Asia. Directors are very accessible; it’s more informal unlike other countries.

Linesight was an early adopter of CostX, which is a fantastic piece of estimating software. It helps to save time and yields more accurate measurement.

What opportunities are available with Linesight?

My short term goal is securing the APC, so that will keep me busy for the next two years. After that I’ll look at the opportunities available through Linesight’s worldwide business.