Project Controls


Controlling every aspect of a project to ensure maximum performance leads to long-term success.

Due to the complexity of large scale developments, there are often sizeable financial and reputational risks involved. This can affect decision-making and cause uncertainty among clients and investors, leading to unsatisfactory outcomes.

In order for a project to progress smoothly, robust project controls must be put in place. This involves the management of several interrelated areas, including costs, schedule and information management. By maintaining control of all aspects of development, we can ensure the correct processes and tools are put in place to successfully complete our clients’ goals.


  • Change Management

    Implementing change management procedures that ensure well-informed decisions, facilitating effective financial management.

  • Advice on Contract Procedures

    Effective contract analysis that ensures compliance with specification, value for money, managed risks, and client satisfaction.

  • Contract and Procurement Strategies

    Identifying the most appropriate procurement and contracting strategies to minimize risk to time, cost, and quality.

  • Cost Control

    Implementing controls on cost planning, estimating, tendering, and post contract, for a positive impact on project delivery.

  • Market Intelligence and Benchmarking

    Using our global market intelligence and benchmarking data to provide strategic advice and drive the best value for goods and services.

  • Project Audits/Audit Services

    Providing timely and accurate data which informs rational decision making for project scope, cost and schedule.

  • Risk Management

    Preparing against certain risks and evaluating the possible impact they may have on a project in terms of financial or schedule over-runs.

  • Schedule Management

    Providing an initial project overview timeline, developing a detailed work breakdown structure, and identifying schedule controls.