Commercial Fit-out and Corporate Interiors Commercial Fit-out and Corporate Interiors

Commercial Fit-out and Corporate Interiors

Real estate has undergone quite a bit of change in recent years as is, with the proliferation of concepts such as co-working, flexible working and hot desking, providing new solutions that account for the evolving ways in which we work. However, COVID-19 has served as a catalyst for transformation within the commercial and corporate interiors space, challenging us all to rethink the design and functionality of our spaces. How we use spaces will change, from repositioning and adapting existing assets to fitting out new ones. Ironically the past decade has been spent building collaborative working spaces and open-plan environments, when now, we are challenged to potentially reintroduce more separate office spaces and enclosed environments to account for health and safety issues. Linesight’s sectoral experts have deep domain knowledge within this vertical, and are best-placed to support the delivery of world-class assets while facing an increasingly complex and exhaustive list of challenges. We have extensive experience in commercial fit-outs and corporate interiors, and we are attuned to the ever-expanding list of requirements from these spaces, allowing us to advise, guide and support you toward project success.

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2nd November 2022

Linesight's Q3 2022 commodity reports see construction material prices stabilising, but macroeconomic factors impacting

Linesight has released the fifth edition of its global quarterly commodities reports, revealing the outlook and trends for material pricing, supply and labour in the construction industry across 24 countries.

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