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Our teams have delivered program success for some of the biggest clients in the world, coordinating networks of construction projects simultaneously and helping them expand their business into new territories, while always retaining operational consistency. Find out about our program management expertise.

Linesight's construction project management consultancy services deliver success through strategic planning and stringent controls, with our depth of experience and industry knowledge underpinned by a client-focused culture. Find out more about our offering as project management construction consultants.

Linesight's expertise in project controls ensures that every aspect of a construction project is controlled and achieves maximum performance, to achieve long-term success. Find out more about our Project Controls services.

Linesight's expert team of quantity surveyors and cost managers deliver cost predictability and stringent project controls, as well as better value for money at every stage of the construction process. Find out more about our construction cost management and quantity surveying services.

Our expert team streamlines equipment and service delivery for global construction projects, assisting in overcoming challenges against an increasingly complex logistics backdrop. Find out more about our supply chain management service.

Linesight's safety management team has consulted on some of the world's largest construction projects, protecting businesses and people throughout.

Linesight's global consultancy team provides professional, hands-on advice and guidance throughout all stages of construction projects. Find out more.

Linesight's procurement consultancy services ensure that private and public sector construction projects adopt the most appropriate strategies. Find out more about our procurement offering.

The Linesight team provides the tools to successfully target, measure, coordinate and forecast the project throughout its life cycle, while driving an understanding of the sequencing, impact of change and areas of criticality, in line with the contract and project requirements. Learn more about our planning and scheduling expertise.
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23rd May 2023

Linesight Q1 2023 Commodity Reports

Linesight is delighted to launch the sixth edition of our Global Country Commodity Reports for Linesight Q1 2023 Commodity Reports covering the key trends and outlook for construction materials pricing and supply for 25 countries around the world.

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