2.4-Million-Square-Foot Commercial Fit-Out

Linesight is serving as the designated Cost Manager for a 2.4-million square-foot fit-out, providing full cost management services.

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John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald

Vice President

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6th December 2023

Linesight is serving as the designated Cost Manager for a 2.4-million square-foot fit-out, providing full cost management services including budget management, estimating, procurement strategy support, change management, budget analysis, and executive reporting. 

The soon-to-be-completed LEED Platinum building represents the pinnacle of innovation, encompassing 2.4 million square feet of premium space. 

Among these, 1.2 million square feet are dedicated to office spaces, while 600,000 square feet are allocated for trading floors and an additional 600,000 square feet for amenities and premium areas. Towering across 60 stories, this skyscrapper sets a new benchmark for sustainability, health, and wellness, and is poised to inspire healthy building practices worldwide.

The new building sets to achieve net-zero operational emissions. With a focus on well-being, it boasts exceptional indoor air quality, offers 30% more daylight, circadian lighting, and is equipped with intelligent building technology.

Value Add

  • Linesight meticulously crafts and validates the project budget through thorough benchmarking. The team has prepared detailed estimates for 12 program spaces, comparing the client’s recent projects and competitor schemes to substantiate the rates.
  • Achieved a 30%-plus reduction from the initial change orders submitted.
  • Manage the preconstruction budget by validating the estimates and conducting value engineering workshops to ensure budget integrity is maintained.
  • Conduct escalation reviews through a comprehensive assessment of commodity and market reports to provide evidence of rate fluctuations in the market.
  • Prepare weekly cost reports for 12 workstreams, which provides crucial information to our client, enabling efficient decision making.



2.4m sq.ft.



John Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald

Vice President

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