Multi-Story Renovation Project for Major Financial Institution

Driving project success through technology integration.

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Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Executive Vice President – Americas



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Linesight provided cost management services to a confidential financial client for a multi-story renovation project. The project consisted of revitalizing four floors, encompassing diverse areas including a client center, elevator lobbies, and a cafe lounge. 

As the project progressed, a strategic decision was taken to replace the typical offline reporting approach and transition to a Project Management Information System (PMIS) framework. Through the successful integration of technology, Linesight ensured the precise tracking, reporting, and management of project progress, which in turn streamlined the handling of contract documents and change order requests, resulting in successful project administration. Linesight’s unwavering commitment to achieving a successful project outcome that adheres to timelines and generates profitability is underscored by our capacity to adapt and evolve continuously. 

Value Add

  • Produced design estimates at all project stages spanning from conceptualization to construction drawings, resulting in more accurate cost projections and leading to cost-effective project execution.
  • Reviewed General Contractor submissions, conducting a comparative analysis with shadow estimates to gauge value and market suitability.
  • Conducted meticulous evaluations of millwork, drywall, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) packages through transparent collaboration with subcontractors to ensure precision and alignment with client anticipations.
  • Exercised oversight over on-site General Contractor activities, ensuring alignment with construction and interiors scopes via monthly payment applications.
  • Facilitated the integration of a cross-functional team, spearheaded by a dedicated Project Director operating as the Owner’s Representative.



97,000 sq.ft.



Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Executive Vice President – Americas


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