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27 November 2022

Linesight APAC and GCC Insights and Commodity Reports Briefing Q3 2022

Linesight recently released the fifth edition of its Global Country Insights and Commodity Reports, covering the trends and outlook for construction materials pricing and supply for 24 countries around the world across Q3 2022. The APAC and GCC countries covered in these reports are Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and the UAE. These reports are comprised of data collected from an extensive programme of both primary and secondary research, coupled with key macroeconomic and construction indicators to provide an overview of the market landscape.

Following a period of volatility seen earlier this year, we are seeing signs of stabilisation, moderation and market correction, with material prices generally easing, albeit at elevated levels. Downside risks remain around the world, with soaring inflation and interest rates, elevated energy costs, constrained supply chains and geopolitical factors at play.  

At a recent briefing, Linesight subject matter experts discussed highlights from the APAC and GCC Insights and Commodity Reports for Q3, 2022. Our panel discussed the key takeaways and provided high-level insights on the latest construction material pricing and the impact of ongoing supply chain disruption and energy inflation on construction projects across key sectors and regions within APAC and GCC. 

You can watch the full briefing below:

Linesight APAC and GCC Insights and Commodity Reports Briefing Q3 2022

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