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06 March 2024

John Carleton on balancing risk & innovation in DCs ahead of Melbourne Cloud Datacentre Convention

Global construction consultancy firm, Linesight, is proud to announce that we are bronze sponsors of the upcoming Melbourne Cloud Datacentre Convention 2024, taking place on March 21st at the Melbourne Convention Centre.  

This networking event focuses on AI, automation, and the future of operations in the rapidly evolving Australian data centre sector. John Carleton, Regional Director for Australia & New Zealand at Linesight, will be moderating a critical panel discussion titled "How can data centres balance risk and innovation?"  

The session aims to address the increasing importance of data centres in today's digital world and explore the dynamic between innovation and risk management within this essential infrastructure. 

Panelists will explore the unique challenges and opportunities that come with maintaining the mission-critical reliability of data centre operations amidst the pursuit of innovation.  

Ahead of this event, John Carleton spoke to W.Media and shared valuable insights that will be further elaborated during the panel discussion, touch points from the interview can be read below.

  • The scalability challenge and AI demand: The importance of designing data centres for maximum capacity while retaining adaptability for expansion was highlighted, especially with the growing demands from AI computing. The rapid growth of the data centre market in the Asia-Pacific region, driven by e-commerce, 5G expansion, and cloud computing, underscores the need for scalable and sustainable designs.  
  • Power usage, sustainability, and public perception: The discussion will also delve into sustainability challenges faced by data centres, including governmental regulations and public perception of their environmental impact. The potential for AI innovations to integrate renewable energy sources more efficiently and mitigate risks associated with reliance on traditional power grids will be explored.  
  • Innovation in data centre design and operations: The potential of AI to enhance design flexibility and operational efficiency in data centres will be examined. Emerging technologies such as High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure and innovative cooling solutions to accommodate higher density racks will be discussed. These insights set the stage for a thought-provoking panel discussion on balancing risk and innovation in the data centre industry. 

The Melbourne Cloud Datacentre Convention 2024 presents an invaluable opportunity for industry professionals to delve into the future of data centre innovation and risk management.  

Linesight invites you to join us in exploring these critical topics at this key industry gathering.  

The full version of this piece was first published on W.Media, for more detailed insight's from John Carleton's interview, click here, meanwhile, you can register for the Melbourne Cloud Datacentre Convention 2024, by clicking here. 

For more information about Linesight's operations in Australia, you can contact our Melbourne team here. 


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