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27 November 2023

Linesight’s Grace Cranley reflects on inaugural Women in Construction Leadership course

Grace Cranley, an Associate in Cost Management at Linesight, recently participated in the inaugural Women in Construction Leadership course by the Irish Management Institute (IMI) in Dublin, Ireland.  

This exclusive programme, for women leaders from leading construction firms, offered an engaging platform for collaboration and professional development in an industry that is rapidly evolving.

Throughout the course, Grace engaged in various modules focusing on contemporary leadership challenges, such as navigating dynamic environments, adopting new leadership trends and techniques, and developing personal leadership styles.

A significant emphasis was placed on building confidence, understanding the dynamics of influence, and mastering communication skills for effective networking.

Reflecting on her experience, Grace shared: 

"The course was an invaluable opportunity to connect with and learn from other women leaders in the construction industry. We focused on introspection, addressing our inner critic, and aligning our actions with our core values – crucial aspects for effective team dynamics in quantity surveying and cost management. The post-pandemic focus on self-care and personal branding has become more evident, and these were key areas we explored. Additionally, we delved into emotional intelligence, and its impact on roles like ours in quantity surveying and cost management, particularly in conflict resolution and negotiation."

However, Grace also highlighted a persistent challenge in the industry: the underrepresentation of women. Having worked in the field for over two decades, she observes that significant strides are still needed, particularly in early education, to expose young girls to the diverse opportunities within the industry. 

As part of our efforts to address these gaps, Linesight champions our ‘Women at Linesight’ global network which provides mentoring, training, and relationship-building opportunities. We have also invested in a new Senior DE&I global programmes lead role and brought rigour into hiring practices and sourcing strategies to ensure women are aware of and supported in joining a career in Linesight. These initiatives aim to educate, develop, and nurture women in the industry, striving for parity in an industry where participation of women has been low. Ultimately, programs like the IMI Women in Construction Leadership course and internal initiatives, are pivotal in shaping an inclusive future for the construction industry.

Paul Boylan, Group CEO, added: 

"At Linesight , we are committed to doing our part in fostering a more inclusive industry. While there is still a way to go, I’m personally invested in driving the increased participation of women in our company and industry. We are committed to ensuring that equity is embedded in our culture and that we support more women at the senior most levels of industry. I’m encouraged to see the recognition of the value that more diverse perspectives can bring to leadership positions."


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