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Facilitating a national roll-out for one of the largest banking organization in the US

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Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Executive Vice President – Americas



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Our client is one of the largest banking organization in the United States, and is a Fortune 500 company. The organization serves consumers, small businesses and commercial clients in the US market, specializing in credit cards, home loans, auto loans and savings products. As they continue to expand across the United States, we have been working with them on the national rollout of branches, with more than 30 branches delivered thus far. Ranging in size from 2,000 sq.ft. to 10,000sq.ft., the majority of the branches are complete new build projects consisting of site works, substructure, superstructure and complete interior fit-out.

Partnering from Inception to Final Accounts 

We provide a full range of services to the client; early cost estimating, procurement support and cost management. Budget estimates that are based on construction drawings are put together by our team, which are then used to secure funding for the project. When this stage is complete, we then assist with the procurement of the general contractor for the project, including preparation of bid levelling documents, interviewing bidders, levelling proposals and ultimately recommending the contractor to appoint. 

Prioritizing Value Management 

Value engineering is fundamental in all of our projects, but in this project in particular, it is a key priority: 

  • Value engineering of prototypical designs before going to market
  • Costing of alternates
  • Comprehensive bid levelling and interview process to ensure optimal value for money for the client 

Key Outcomes 

  • Repeat client that we continue to work with on a number of projects each year
  • On average, we save the client 4-5% when levelling the bids during the procurement phase, by conducting detailed reviews of all contractor bids submitted and removing/adding items that have been included or excluded incorrectly, as well as challenging proposed costs, which ultimately reduces the bids and provides savings to the client







Saving during procurement phase

Patrick Ryan

Patrick Ryan

Executive Vice President – Americas


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