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Project Management
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The opportunity

As a Senior Project Manager at Linesight, you will work with highly experienced, culturally diverse, and passionate teams nurturing a strong social dynamic and a shared sense of achievement. You will gain vast industry experience that will open doors for you, extend your skillset and expand your perspective. We will empower, support, and enable you to take real responsibility in your role so that you can take charge of your career progression with us. You will be mentored and supported by industry leaders and given the tools to grow. You will also be involved in and contribute to our business strategy as we continue to evolve. For us lasting trusted relationships are everything, both with our teams and our clients. 


貴方はLinesight のプロジェクト マネージャーとして、経験豊富で情熱的なグローバルチームと協力し、会社全体の活力と達成感を共有します。業界における豊富な経験を積む機会があなた前にドアを開き、スキルセットを拡張し、視野を広げることができるでしょう。我々は、貴方が一緒にキャリアアップし、自分の役割において真の責任を負うことができるように力を与え、サポートし、可能にします。 業界のリーダーから指導とサポートを受け、成長するためのツールが提供されます。また、進化し続ける当社のビジネス戦略に関与し、貢献していただきます。我々はチームとクライアント、両方の永続的な信頼関係がすべてだと考えています。


In this role you will:

  • Manage large scale construction projects for clients, ensuring they are delivered on time, within budget, with high quality
  • Monitor the day-to-day activities in the field, managing the flow of information, and reporting and tracking issues arising from progress, quality and safety
  • Assist in completing the handover plan, ensuring documentation is completed and expectations are met on time and with quality
  • Be a visible leader onsite, assessing progress and ensuring safe work practices
  • Coordinate with the client team, consultant team and the contractor on all snagging activities, including the schedule and partner engagement
  • Identify issues proactively and work with the team to resolve effectively
  • Implement and monitor key project processes, partnering with the client to make improvements and revisions
  • Implement project procedures and use reasonable endeavours to ensure that this procedure is always observed 
  • Lead and attend key meetings to monitor progress, actively collaborate on solving problems and communicate impacts to partners
  • Review proposed variations and delays in the works


We would love to hear from you if you:

  • Have project management experience
  • Have a degree or comparable experience in a project management or construction discipline
  • Have a project management professional certification or are seeking one. We can help
  • Are detail oriented and quality focused
  • Are an excellent communicator verbally and in writing, in both English and Japanese
  • Excel in a collaborative and friendly team environment
  • Thrive on building strong relationships with your team and clients through a shared purpose and sense of openness and fun



  • クライアントのために大規模な建設プロジェクトを管理し、スケジュール通りに、予算内で、高品質で納品できるようにする
  • 現場での日々の活動を監視し、情報の流れを管理し、進捗状況、品質、安全性から生じる問題を報告および追跡する
  • 引き渡し計画を支援し、すべての文書が完了したことと、期日と品質がクライアントの期待に沿うのを確認する
  • 現場で目に見えるリーダーになり、進捗状況を評価し、安全な作業を確保する
  • クライアントチーム、コンサルタントチーム、および請負業者と、スケジュールやパートナーとの契約を含むすべてのインターフェース作業について調整する
  • 問題を積極的に特定し、チームと協力して効果的に解決する
  • 重要なプロジェクトプロセスを計画、監視し、クライアントと提携して改善と改訂を行う
  • プロジェクト手順を計画し、この手順が常に守られるように努める。
  • 重要な会議に主導して出席し、進捗状況を監視し、問題解決のための協力を積極的に行い、パートナーに影響を与える
  • 提案された変更と作業の遅延を確認する



  • プロジェクトマネージャーの経験がある
  • プロジェクトマネージャーまたは建設分野で学位または同等の経験を持っている
  • プロジェクトマネージャー専門資格を持っているか、取得しようとしている。お手伝いします
  • モノづくりのディテールを重視し、品質に重点を置いている
  • 口頭および書面で優れたコミュニケーション能力がある
  • 協力的でフレンドリーなチーム環境作りに優れている
  • 目的を共有し、開放感と楽しさを共有することで、チームやクライアントと強い関係を築くことができる

About us

Since 1974, we’ve been providing a construction consultancy service that keeps clients coming back. And for that we have our people to thank. It takes a special kind of togetherness to create our thriving, authentic culture. We overcome challenges together, delivering better projects and leveraging innovation. We see the potential in our people and we empower them. We’re a business on a journey – an agile business that is proud
to be different.

We are Linesight. Dynamic. Driven. Different.  

About Project Management

Our teams of program and project managers deliver success globally through strategic planning and stringent controls. Whether you have extensive experience or are at the early stages of your career in program or project management, we offer the opportunity to work on some of the most innovative buildings and facilities with world-leading clients. Play a central role in these projects as part of our dynamic team. We recognise the value that each team member can bring to the table, and we offer a range of supports, learning pathways and structured career planning cycles to ensure that every individual has the best opportunity to excel and further develop, regardless of the stage of your career you join us at.

Our approach to DE&I

At Linesight, we believe that our success is tied to the success of our employees, and we are committed to creating a workplace that is fair, equitable, and inclusive for everyone. We understand that creating an environment where all employees have an equal opportunity to thrive requires a concerted effort across every stage of their time with us, from hiring and onboarding to promotion, career growth, and development.

As part of this commitment, we have implemented a range of policies and initiatives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). This starts with our attraction pipeline and accessible job descriptions, designed to attract a broad range of candidates, and continuing throughout the employee life cycle with DE&I checks built in at every stage. Fairness, consistency, and transparency are the core principles for all our hiring, salary increase, and promotion decisions with built-in gender pay gap checks. Employee and family-friendly policies also enhance inclusion and equity in our teams.  

Life at Linesight

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