Cost Management


Our team of quantity surveyors ensure better value for money at every stage throughout the construction process.

How and where money is invested will greatly influence the outcome of any project. Our approach to cost management prioritizes the delivery of an efficient and sustainable development which maximizes our client’s return on investment. In order to deliver optimum value, functionality must be measured against cost. The viability of every development needs to be evaluated by weighing costs against function, completed value, aesthetics, quality, and time.

Once our team of quantity surveyors have completed this and a budget is agreed, our cost management services ensure that all subsequent changes are proactively managed so that clients can make well-informed decisions prior to implementation. In this way, we deliver the most efficient use of capital and resources in order to meet targets on or under budget, as well as on time.

Ultimately, we are committed to the delivery of independent cost management advice, delivered by our highly-skilled teams of quantity surveyors. 


  • Advice on Contract Procedures

    Effective contract analysis that ensures compliance with specification, value for money, managed risks, and client satisfaction.

  • Bid Levelling

    Appraising multiple tenders by identifying their similarities and differences and evaluating them accordingly.

  • Bid Management

    Managing the best outcome for an organization through every stage of the bidding process.

  • Change Management

    Implementing change management procedures that ensure well-informed decisions, facilitating effective financial management.

  • Contract and Procurement Strategies

    Identifying the most appropriate procurement and contracting strategies to minimize risk to time, cost, and quality.

  • Cost Control

    Implementing controls on cost planning, estimating, tendering, and post contract, for a positive impact on project delivery.

  • Estimating

    Establishing an accurate budget for project completion, based on current market conditions.

  • Initial Cost Advice/Feasibility Studies

    Evaluating the project budget and exploring viable development options to get the most out of the building's potential.

  • Lifecycle Costing

    Providing detailed appraisals of the initial construction, operation, and maintenance costs over the project's lifecycle.

  • Market Intelligence and Benchmarking

    Using our global market intelligence and benchmarking data to provide strategic advice and drive the best value for goods and services.

  • Mechanical and Electrical Costings

    Providing cost management and advice on service installations across all sectors, including renewable energy, low carbon emissions, and sustainability.

  • Risk Management

    Preparing against certain risks and evaluating the possible impact they may have on a project in terms of financial or schedule over-runs.

  • Value Engineering

    Engaging a systematic approach to improve the commercial or functional value of goods and services without compromising on quality or design.