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19 June 2023

Powering up Data Centres: Navigating energy challenges in Taiwan Report

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Due to continuing efficiency improvements, data centre power consumption has grown at a slower pace than the activity they support. Nevertheless, the availability, reliability and cost of electricity remain key factors in location decisions, not only for operators but for host countries as well.   

Taiwan is a high-tech hub and one of the world’s largest producers of semiconductors. To retain its manufacturing dominance, and to support future development, the Taiwanese government has embarked on a number of initiatives to increase the overall electricity supply, shore up resilience, and shift to less carbon-intensive sources of energy, with a target to generate 20% from renewables by 2026. 

There are also demand-side solutions that data centre operators can use to reduce their reliance on national grids, both in the way facilities are designed and managed. This includes optimising energy efficiency, supporting investment in renewables through corporate power purchase agreements, expanding in-campus generation, as well as taking advantage of continuing innovation in cooling and monitoring technologies.  

Overall, these initiatives are a cause for optimism for a more sustainable and resilient energy supply in Taiwan. 


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