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UAE - Macroeconomic overview 

UAE - Economic indicators

UAE - Economic stability

UAE - National holidays

UAE - Working hours and National Holiday

UAE - Labour productivity  

UAE - Labour productivity

UAE - Labour costs

UAE - Labour costs

UAE - Output 2021 and 2022(f) (in millions)

UAE - Output 2021 and 2022(f)

UAE - Long-lead equipment (LLE) and Supply Chain narrative 

Long-lead equipment (LLE) lead times have changed drastically since the start of 2022. Suppliers have seen the implications of material shortages, delays and price hikes throughout the supply chain, which is leading to extended lead times and reduced commitment from suppliers for new projects. The key areas in focus are:

  1. Demand: The demand for long-lead equipment in the data centre sector has continued to increase in Q3 2022. More data centre and crypto mining providers are joining the market, and this continued demand far outweighs the capacity of the supply chain. Entry onto the production line remains a significant challenge, with suppliers reporting fully booked capacity until Q2 2024. There has been some growth in the development of Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers to support this demand. However, it will take time to build an extended supply chain. There has also been no sign of a decline in demand yet in early Q4 2022. 
  2. Material shortage: Just as material availability started to improve, the further threat of escalation with the Russia-Ukraine conflict has cast further uncertainties of future material stocks and reserves. The supply chain has continued to seek alternative sources of raw materials, and although this has been with partial success, market lead times remain conservative. 
  3. Freight durations and costs: Heightened by the increase in fuel costs, and compounded by the instability of labour and container availability, freight durations have been particularly volatile in recent times. Early indications from Q4 2022 suggest some stabilization in shipping durations is returning to the market, but the associated costs remain volatile due to the global fuel crisis. As clients consider alternative solutions, it almost becomes cost prohibitive to use quicker forms of transport, such as air freight, due to these increasing fuel costs. 

UAE - Construction health and safety practices and culture 

UAE - Construction health and safety practices and culture

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