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22 June 2021

Linesight expands pharmaceutical giants’ collaboration on benchmarking data

Multinational consultancy firm, Linesight, announced that the collaboration it is leading with major global pharmaceutical companies on benchmarking data has expanded with four new organizations taking part in the initiative. Bayer, Biogen, Kite Pharma and Amgen have become the latest organizations to join the ranks of Merck, AstraZeneca, BMS, Pfizer, GSK, and WuXi. 

Linesight has been leading a global effort to collate capital project benchmarking costs, schedule intelligence and analysis for the pharmaceutical industry, and so far, data from a total of 80 projects has been captured. Efforts to align data from the world’s leading life sciences organizations in a central, independent, confidential fashion enables peer and market alignment, by providing valuable cost and schedule intelligence on all major projects.  

The data is showing key trends to support the normal percentages of construction management costs and validation, for example, in line with industry expectations. Data sharing is also enabling us to see the average cost per litre for bioreactor capacity, and the difference between single-use and fixed reactor costs.  

The schedule data is showing interesting trends related to project duration and facility size, which will help to provide key reference information at the early stages of any future projects. 

Linesight has also laid out a benchmarking data roadmap for the project, outlining key milestones for deliverables and progress made to date. 

Nigel Barnes, Director of Life Sciences EMEA, Linesight said: 

“By combining the data collation and analysis with Linesight’s experience and knowledge of the life sciences sector, we are helping to provide our clients with critical project cost and schedule reference information, key project insights, data quality assurance and most importantly confidence in their own data and current and future decision-making. It is our privilege to be leading this global work on behalf of the life sciences industry worldwide. We now have further interest from additional organizations who want to share their data and the more information we gather and analyse the more powerful the industry insights will be.”  

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