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Steven Cooke

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11th January 2019

RagingWire provides large-scale, build-to-suit, wholesale data center solutions, as well as private vaults, dedicated cages and multi-rack deployments for global clients. It currently has almost 1,000,000sq.ft. of data center space in the United States, with 3,000,000sq.ft. of data center space in active development globally. Linesight is providing independent Cost Management services to its leadership team in Sacramento, California, and for a number of state-of-the-art data centers located across the USA.  

Delivering capacity and improving performance as a project-based resource 

Our mission in working with RagingWire is based on the pillars of credibility, capability and providing best-in-class data centers. Our strategic objectives are focused around delivering capacity, improving speed-to-market and reducing cost. RagingWire has recently moved its delivery method to an outsourced model, managed by a general contractor. Linesight is currently operating as a project-based resource for the first of RagingWire’s outsourced projects in Virginia, Santa Clara (CA) and Texas, working closely with the general contractor and the core RagingWire stakeholders, to provide leadership and oversight of budgets, risk and subcontractor buyout.  

Since our commencement with RagingWire, we have helped to improve the client’s in-house budget tracking and reporting. Through collaborative work with the client team, we have developed more robust cost reporting mechanisms, which allow for dedicated project reviews based on the latest financial information. This information enables senior management to make key decisions in relation to project performance. Through our work on subcontractor buyout and change management responsibilities, we have helped to drive value, as we work towards the client’s end goal of delivering a facility ready for client move-in by the outlined milestone date.

Ashburn VA3, 4 and 5 

  • VA4 and 5 will be 32MW, two-story, 250,000sq.ft. facilities on RagingWire’s Ashburn Data Center Campus development
  • VA5 will deliver RagingWire’s first modular design data center
  • The VA3 data center is 245,000sq.ft. of space and provides 16MW of critical IT load
  • The Ashburn camps can accommodate seven data center buildings on the 76.5 acre site

Santa Clara SV1

  • SV1 is a 16MW, four-story, 160,000sq.ft. data center, built on a 3.3 acre site
  • SV1 will utilize industry-leading base isolation design for seismic stability

Dallas-Fort Worth TX1

  • TX1 is a one million sq.ft., 80MW data center campus, spread across five fully interconnected buildings built on 42 acres of land in the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex
  • The TX1 data center is 230,000sq.ft. of space, and provides 16MW of critical IT load 


Linesight provides more of a business analysis role - they are very good at turning data into information and putting their detailed analysis into a management-readable format, which simplifies comprehension of complex messages and facilitates timely strategic decision-making at the highest level. Cost of Service (COS) ratio has been key for RagingWire – Linesight continues to demonstrate the ROI of using their service for across-the-board project support.



critical load

118.5 acres

of land

Steven Cooke

Steven Cooke

Group Director - Strategic Growth

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