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Refurbishing a landmark West End property in a live environment

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Michael Riordan

Michael Riordan

Managing Director, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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31st March 2019

With a global investment portfolio of over €9 billion, LRC has a long-term approach to investment and developments that add value, and creates destinations that positively change lives. On the landmark Strand Palace Hotel in the heart of London’s West End, the client sought to refurbish the 788-bedroomed period property, which was built in 1909. Linesight’s experience in working on complex hospitality projects led to the team’s engagement to provide employer's agent and full cost consultancy on the project. 

Our involvement

Linesight is providing employer’s agent and full Cost Management services on the project, with the hotel remaining open throughout. The project includes the enhancement and total refurbishment of each of the 788 number rooms, which are situated over nine floors. To achieve this, the project is broken down into more than 30 phases over a two and a half-year duration. Works also include the full refurbishment of the front-of-house, all-day-dining, reception and common access areas, to bring a whole new offering to customers. The hotel will be a pioneer in that it will be one of the first buildings of its kind to have a full HVRF system installed for air conditioning – an offering which previously was not available in the more than 200-year-old building. In addition to the above, the fire, life and safety is also enhanced with the addition of a sprinkler system.

Delivering in a live environment

Working in a live environment in a such a central urban location adds complexity to any project, but the Linesight team has extensive experience in this regard, and implemented a multiphase approach to ensure zero impact on the guests and local stakeholders. The first five floors of bedrooms works are complete, while the front-of-house areas opened for business in May of last year. Works have been completed on time and within budget. The project is bringing back a touch of the art deco stylings that the Strand Palace was most renowned for in the past, and work is ongoing on the project up to 2020.

Client perspective

“Linesight has enabled us to deliver this refurbishment project on Strand Palace on time and on budget. Because of the heritage of this building, this project has proven to be quite complex. However, Linesight has brought their deep domain expertise and experience in the hospitality sector to bear, and have handled all the complexities for us seamlessly. I am confident that they will continue to meet and exceed our needs over the coming phases in this project and assist us in bringing this landmark property back to its former glory,” 

said Henrik Foster, Construction Director, LRP.

Linesight perspective

“This is a significant update to a period property, which has been further complicated by the requirement to keep the hotel operational throughout the refurbishment works. Fortunately, Linesight has plenty of experience in managing live projects like The Strand Palace and we have successfully managed to work on-site with a fully occupied building with minimal disturbance to the guests. The timely delivery of each phase is critical to the successful outcome of this project for our client, LRP, and continues to be our core focus for the duration. Linesight is taking a leadership role on the team to ensure that this historic building is being brought up to the modern requirements expected of clientele in a central London hotel,” 

said Michael Riordan, Managing Director, UK at Linesight.






Michael Riordan

Michael Riordan

Managing Director, United Kingdom

United Kingdom

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