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19 February 2024

Building smarter: The role of standardised design in modern data centres

“In response to the rapid growth of AI technology and its impact on digital infrastructure, the key to efficient data centre construction lies in standardised design, which not only helps to address the challenges of supply chain and labour shortages but also fosters innovation and sustainability in the face of evolving market demands.” - Diarmaid Connolly, Project Director at Linesight, provides a unique perspective on the changing dynamics of data centre construction in the digital age.

As digital transformation accelerates, fuelled by AI advancements and technologies like ChatGPT, the demand for robust digital infrastructure reaches unprecedented levels.

This trend calls for a critical reassessment of construction approaches to efficiently and sustainably address the escalating needs. In his recent insight article, Diarmaid discusses the importance of moving away from bespoke designs in data centre construction and emphasises how embracing innovation can minimise risks.  

Here are some of the essential takeaways:

  • Standardised design efficiency: Embracing standardised design in data centre construction leads to streamlined project management , cost, and time reductions, and addresses labour and material shortages effectively through uniform design elements and modular construction techniques.
  • Market demand and risk reduction: Standardisation in data centres is key to meeting market demands swiftly and safely, enhancing supply chain effectiveness, expediting project completion, and providing solutions to skill gaps.
  • Innovation and sustainability: By adopting standardised designs, data centres can spur innovation and uphold sustainability, enabling consistent performance analysis for energy management and aligning with evolving sustainability standards and diverse user needs.

For a comprehensive view of Diarmaid’s article, as recently featured in Construction News, click here. 


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