Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

Linesight is providing Cost Management, Project Controls and, Planning and scheduling services for a client's new facility dedicated to the development and manufacturing of viral vectors.

Linesight’s client is building a new facility dedicated to the development and manufacturing of viral vectors. The new facility will be constructed within an existing biologics operations facility and will help build on our confidential client’s existing state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to deliver innovative cell therapies for people with cancer.

The new facility will be approximately 67,000 sq. ft. and consist of two multi-product viral vector manufacturing suites, two cell expansion suites, two filling suites, as well as warehousing, shipping and receiving, final product storage, working cell bank storage, quality control laboratories, and office and support areas for employees.

Value-added by Linesight

  • Established a centralized database for all projects, enabling efficient reporting for all levels of management
  • Innovative and agile solutions to overcome difficulties presented by the pandemic
  • Program delivered one month ahead of the original deadline despite delivering during the pandemic
  • Master schedule and tracking enabled effective decision- making from design through to handover
  • Levelled GC costs prior to construction start
  • Facilitated integrated project team with clear deliverables
  • Achieved certainty of outcome through risk management and gateway controls
  • Savings of 8-10 times the fee paid for our services


67,000 sq.ft




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