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26 January 2017

Baggot Plaza awarded LEED Gold certification

Baggot Plaza has recently achieved its goal of becoming LEED Gold certified, following its redevelopment, on which Linesight provided Project Management services. Aided by the use of a Building Information Model, the project was completed within 18 months, and a Grade A building was delivered for the client. By maintaining the building frame and elements of the original building, significant efficiencies were achieved. In essence, the team retained a 1970’s concrete structure and existing floor to ceiling heights, while at the same time incorporating new innovative modern systems, such as high-efficiency chillers, a heat recovery ventilation system, four pipe fan coil units located within the ceiling void and variable speed pumping . By achieving this, we have delivered a building comparable in standard to anything in the marketplace, but within an existing 1970’s structure. 

This strategy has yielded significant efficiencies in terms of time and cost, but also in terms of the overall sustainability of the proposed development. These included a 70 percent reduction in energy consumption and a considerable improvement in the Building Emissions Rating (BER) from F to B1. We are delighted to have been appointed to this project by Kennedy Wilson, and proud that the project has received this international accreditation. Linesight continues to strive to achieve the highest standards of development for all of our clients, by driving design and technology-led innovation.



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