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24 June 2024

Industry leaders gather for successful Linesight Life Sciences Benchmarking event in Boston

We're pleased to announce that Linesight's first in-person Life Sciences Capital Benchmarking Event in the Americas was a resounding success! On June 17, leading figures from the Life Sciences industry gathered for a day of insightful discussions and knowledge exchange. 

Barry Enright, Director, and Head of the Boston office at Linesight, expertly steered the event, guiding insightful discussions and keeping the energy high. Jonathan Phillips, a capital project expert, delved into the details of Linesight's Life Sciences Benchmarking Program, explaining how it empowers companies to optimize project performance 

During the event, program participants Mohammed Attia from Lonza and Martin Tyrie from BMS, shared compelling insights from their experiences leveraging the Linesight Benchmarking Program. 

Mohamed Attia, Head of Project Controls, Americas, Lonza said:

I'm very impressed with Linesight's Life Sciences Capital Benchmarking Program. It provides a huge amount of data that customers wouldn't normally have in-house. This combination of internal data and external benchmarking data, that's what makes it so important for customers. When I have compared it, I’ve find some gaps in procurement that needed to be worked on. It's also very helpful when we try to secure funding. It allows me to justify to leadership where we compared to our competitors in the market.

Martin Tyrie, Associate Director, Cost Estimating, Global Engineering, BMS said:  

Linesight’s benchmarking program allows me to really dig into the details, rather than just see the whole project at a glance. There are so many variables that affect project timelines and budgets, this program lets me break it all down and focus on the specifics – like the size of the bioreactors, whether it's a new build or a retrofit. That way, I can ensure I'm making an apples to apples comparison and helps me get a clear picture.

We are grateful to all the participants who made this event a success. The Linesight team remains committed to fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the life sciences industry. 

See how Linesight's Benchmarking program can benefit your life sciences project. Download our brochure below.


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