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12 October 2017

Linesight launches its 'Hyperactive Hyperscale' white paper at Data Centre World in Singapore


John spoke at Data Centre World in Singapore, with his presentation cantering around hyperscaling, and the trends and challenges facing the sector. Hyperscaling refers to data centres on a much larger scale, whereby significant quantities of megawatts (60-100MW) are in question, as opposed to multiples of 2MW or 3MW. They are expected to account for 53% of all data centre facilities by 2020.

As a market leader in specialist construction services, including procurement support, cost management support and post-contract cost management services, Linesight has an unparalleled insight into the latest developments in global data centres. This enables us to bring a comprehensive understanding to clients through benchmarking, best-fit procurement and contracting strategies, along with detailed local market knowledge around AEs, CMs, GCs and risk factors and mitigation planning experience. This white paper encapsulates this deep domain knowledge and thorough understanding of the latest market developments, and offers an insight into the huge growth in hyperscaling.  

“While the USA is home to the vast majority of data centre facilities, APAC is also a significant contributor to the industry growth. Hyperscaling in data centres is here to stay; however smaller data centre deployments will also remain in the sector. Linesight is currently working on over 150 data centre projects in various stages of development across four continents. This experience gives us unprecedented insight into the challenges that owner/occupiers face when building their critical infrastructure on time and within budget, and makes us an expert in this sector. This recent white paper captures some of our domain knowledge in data centres and some insights into future trends.” 

 John Butler, Regional Director APAC, Linesight. 


If you would like a copy of our 'Hyperactive Hyperscale' white paper, please email us, and we will send it on to you. 


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